Organic Foods

What does “certified organic” mean?

Foods grown organically are rich in nutrients than those grown by using pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Organic farming is based on our ancestral knowledge that uses only natural resources to cultivate foods. This way, not only the foods that are grown are abundant in nutrition but also soil and water aren’t exploited. This is why organic farming is valued as an environmental-friendly farming practice and organic foods as a better choice.

Why should I switch to organic?

First of all, a food that is certified organic is free from pesticides and fertilizers, which gives you a compelling reason for why you should go organic. And that’s not all, certified organic food crops retain the natural nutrients of the soil, making your food wholesome. Also, organic foods are something we had for centuries until industrialization led to commercial farming. So, when you switch to organic foods, you are not only making a healthy choice, but a choice to sustain our natural resources such as soil, water, and vegetation.

Who regulates the certification bodies?

In India, APEDA implements and regulates organic standards through the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). It’s through NPOP that APEDA accredits various certification bodies and organic standards. The standards of NPOP are also recognized by international certification bodies such as USDA and European Union Organic.


What are the modes of payment?

You can make your payment in Daivik via online transaction, credit, and debit cards (Mastercard, Rupay, VISA) or by Cash on Delivery.

Is GST inclusive of the food prices?

No, the prices don’t include GST. It is added separately as per government regulations to the invoice during check out.

Tell about your Return and Refund Policy.

We have a very genuine “Return & Refund Policy”, which entitles all our customers to return our products in case they are not satisfied with the product quality. We will take back the products and process the refund for the returned products within 5 working days.