We stand at the intersection of natural farming and holistic wellness, making possible a healthy and happy lifestyle that you deserve. Driven with the social responsibility to deliver agricultural food products that are chemical-free and nutrient-rich, we partner with farmers across India, who practice organic farming and promote environmental sustainability. We join hands with more than 20,000 farmers who are working on 30 different eco-friendly farming projects on over 100,000 acres of certified organic farms across 15 Indian states.

Every food product offered by Daivik is authentically cultivated, harvested, and directly procured from the certified organic farms, thus cutting down the middlemen. We also appreciate and promote sustainable agricultural practices, seeding, and food grading processes, and help farmer communities thrive by working with them closely and helping them get access to new technologies and techniques. By doing so, we not only contribute to social wellness but also stand by our Indian culture and uplift the domestic economy.

What made us get into this?

Daivik was born for a purpose, not for profit. A purpose to transform this generation and those to come into healthier and happier ones. And how do we do this? We bring back our ancestral farming wisdom to deliver organically grown natural foods that are 100% authentic and pure. We strongly believe that by conserving our ancestors’ treasured knowledge of organic farming, we not only can make foods wholesome but also make our lives holistic by preserving this planet through sustained and eco-friendly farming practices. With this vision, we commit ourselves to bring more and more certified organic products for a better, happier, and healthier life.

Our Process

From farm to home,
Making your meals wholesome.

Our standard – always and only

Certified Organic.

Natural foods that are “Certified Organic” are authentically cultivated in naturally enriched soils, in accordance with the regulatory standards of global certification bodies. This way consumers get the assurance for superior quality foods as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Organic Certifications confirm to USDA ORGANIC-NOP, INDIAN ORGANIC-NPOP and EU ORGANIC- OSP Standards and Processes Products Accredited and Certified by CONTROL UNION CB.

Our Farmers

In the company of traditional organic farmers

We strive to make your meals healthier

Our association with organic farmers who cultivate only native breeds of crops and livestock isn’t just a contract but a relationship. Together we strive to add value to traditional agricultural practices.

Reap a healthy lifestyle by making an organic choice.